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Thank you for your interest in becoming a study leader! We are extremely interested to read your proposal for a new course or lecture. Once the Curriculum Committee has reviewed and acted on your proposal, you will be contacted by a member of the committee. Thank you again for your interest in leading an AIL course!


On this page, you will find several resources for aspiring and current study leaders:

Course Proposal Deadlines

In order to allow ample time for the Curriculum Committee to review proposals and work with the office to schedule time and space for courses, we request that course proposals are submitted by the following deadlines:

  • Summer Term: 2nd Wednesday of February

  • Fall Term: 2nd Wednesday of April

  • Winter Term: 2nd Wednesday of September

  • Spring Term: 2nd Wednesday of November


Study Leader Guide

The Study Leader Guide is intended as a guide rather than as a rulebook for potential and current study leaders. Included in the guide is information on proposing a study course, preparing for your course, and conducting a study course. Download a pdf version by clicking the button below.  


Course Proposal Form  

To submit the standard course proposal, click below to download the form as a fillable Word document. This form works best with devices that have Microsoft Word installed. If you encounter any issues, please contact the AIL office.


Once downloaded, the form can be saved and filled out on your computer. Please submit completed forms as an attachment via e-mail. Before completing the proposal, please view in the instructions by clicking below.

If your course will require a text, please download the textbook form by clicking the button below

Lecture Series Proposal Form

To submit the lecture series proposal, click below to download the form as a fillable Word document. You will be able to save and complete the form on your computer, and then submit it as an attachment via e-mail. Instructions for submission are on the form.

Study Leader Fair Use Checklist for Copyrighted Materials

This form is designed to help study leaders evaluate their planned usage of copyrighted materials. Study leaders must complete the form and return it, along with the master copy of the material for bound copies, to the Adventures in Learning Office where it will be kept on file as a way to establish “reasonable and good-faith” attempts to apply fair use. Download the form by clicking below.  


Study Leader Self-Evaluation Form

At the conclusion of each course, study leaders are asked to complete and submit a self-evaluation form. Click below to download the form. Study leaders are encouraged to add written comments to their evaluations. All responses are helpful as the study group leaders and the Curriculum Committee plan future courses. Please submit the completed self-evaluation form to your class representative or to the Adventures in Learning Office.

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