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Community Enrichment at Woodcrest Village

Adventures in Learning's community enrichment program at Woodcrest Village is intended as a service to the residents of the retirement home, many of whom are unable, physically or financially, to attend an AIL course. The program involves presentations from AIL study leaders of about 45 minutes on a variety of subjects, followed by a brief Q&A. Woodcrest residents have embraced the program with great enthusiasm. Though the COVID-19 pandemic posed significant challenges to this programming, AIL is excited to have re-established this partnership in 2023. Below please find programs scheduled for 2024.

Tuesday, April 16 @ 2 PM: The Meadow Garden: A Happy Home for Plants and Pollinators

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Tuesday, February 20 @ 10 AM: Alpine Wonders and River Voyages: A Journey Through Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands

Alpine Wonders and River Voyages at Woodcrest Advertisement

Additional programs are scheduled for June and beyond. Please check back soon for more details!

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