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Colby-Sawyer College Professor Hilary Cleveland hosts a group for dinner at her home to discuss the idea of establishing a lifelong learning program in the region.


Adventures in Learning is officially founded. It kicks off its first term with 5 courses offered to 118 participants in 2 different locations: CSC Archives and Tracy Memorial Library.


AIL publishes its first newsletter, Adventures in Learning News, which was later that year renamed Updates.

The first annual meeting is held in May with a Keynote by CSC President Anne Ponder. Bylaws are adopted and the first nine board members are elected.


With the support of Colby-Sawyer, AIL publishes its first website.


Ben Acard introduces the first lecture series in which a variety of experts are assembled to share knowledge around a central theme.

AIL takes its first field trip to what was then called the Currier Gallery of Art in Manchester, NH.


AIL approves its first "mini-course," Revolutionary Virginia: Southern Cradle of Independence. The course runs in winter term 2005, taught by Julie Machen.


AIL offers its first slate of summer term courses.

The quarterly newsletter's name changes to Horizons.


AIL receives the Town and Gown Awards from CSC in recognition for its extraordinary involvement in and contributions to the College.


Lunch & Learn makes its debut.


AIL introduces its first Science Pub series.

Lethbridge Lodge is established as a dedicated classroom space for AIL.


In the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic, AIL offers its first Zoom course.

Lethbridge Lodge gets an upgrade with a digital flat screen.


Having offered over 700 unique courses taught by 313 instructors since 1998, AIL is going strong heading into its 25th year.

Past Presidents of AIL

Charles Carey*, Founder, and 1st President

Peter Q.McKee*, 2nd President

John C. Callahan, Jr.*, 3rd President

Richard Cogswell, 4th President

Elizabeth F. Boege, 5th President

Arthur M. Rosen, 6th President

Morris Edwards, 7th President

Joanna Henderson, 8th President

Julie Machen, 9th President

John Ferries, 10th President

Mary Doyle, 11th President

Harry Tether, 12th President


Quotation Marks

I am continually impressed that such a relatively small community can produce so much talent. Friends in other towns and states also wonder how it’s possible. I am most appreciative of those who had the foresight to make AIL happen.

–Julie Machen

Photo Retrospectives

Click on the dates below to view photo retrospectives by Joan Eaton & Maureen Rosen. 

2019-2020: Peaks and Valleys (JE)

2018-2019: Through the Lens (JE)

2017-2018: Focus On Our Learning Adventures (JE)

2014-2015: Through the Year (MR)

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