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Who are AIL Study Leaders?

AIL always welcomes new study leaders! All study leaders are volunteers who contribute their time, knowledge, and love of a particular subject by leading a course. They are reimbursed by the pleasure of leading fellow members on a new intellectual adventure. Some have had careers in the subjects their courses focus on; others have read widely in a field for their own enjoyment; still others are skilled facilitators willing to explore new fields in a group setting. It is always exciting to introduce new study leaders who open doors to new avenues for exploration. 

Current & Past Study Leaders

Visit our program archives to learn more about past and current study leaders. Catalogs feature photos and short biographies of study leaders alongside course descriptions; issues of our quarterly newsletter, Horizons, often feature new study leaders and an opportunity to learn more about their interest in getting involved with AIL.

Interested in learning more? 

See the graphic below for the basic details about proposing a course or lecture. Or, feel free to email the office with questions or to set up a time to talk more about your ideas. 

How to Submit a Course Proposal Graphic
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